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E7 - 7 Dream Types You Never Knew You Had

Dream Series: Part 1 of 3

In this first episode of our three-part series, we are getting dreamy! Why talk about dreams? It’s a deep dive into our subconscious, and just might be the closest thing to a mindful, spiritual or supernatural experience most of us may ever know. We ALL do it but we rarely understand it and we rarely talk about it. What would happen if we focused on it — what would we see, realize and learn about ourselves... or even others? This 3-part series explores these questions. In the first part of this first episode, we’ll cover a canned history of dreams in the ancient world, the brain science of dreaming, and modern categories of dreams. In the second part, we’ll throw all of it out the window and I will take you on a dream visualisation exercise to uncover dream states that are commonly experienced but not commonly discussed.


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Resources and References

History of Dreams:

Dream Types:

(Thank you Merriam Webster, Oxford, Collins and Dartmouth University for your definitions!)

Brain Sleep Science:

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